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Life running out of control

Genefood and Designerbabies

A film by Bertram Verhaag & Gabriele Kröber
Documentary 95min

(This film is available in English, German, Italian and Czech)

The standard work for genetic engineering

Film-Stream and Download (DE / EN / IT) via our partner ONLINEFILM

In the mid-eighties, science, with the help of genetic technology, finds the key to mastering the earth and its creatures. Suddenly, everything seems possible!

Twenty years later, we embark on a global journey to explore the progressive genetic manipulation of plants, animals and human beings:

In India, a disastrous crop of genetically modified cotton leaves many farmers facing ruin. They resort to selling a kidney - or committing suicide. In Canada, genetically modified canola seeds blow onto the fields of neighboring organic farms, making ecological farming impossible. The Icelandic parliament sells information on the entire population's genes to a private company that, in turn, plans to turn over the data at a profit to the pharmaceutical industry and insurance companies. A research project, described as a “vampire project”, involves taking blood, hair and saliva samples from 700 so-called threatened ethnic groups on the pretext of preventive health. The gene samples wander into the laboratories of industry where they provide the basis for developing treatments for valuable patents.

Worldwide, only a handful of scientists are defying industry, carrying out independent research into the effects of transgenic animals and plants on the environment and our health. This film meets them.

German and English Version are both on one DVD

Including 75 min bonus material on genetic engineering with animals, humans and plants!

Short version of the film: "Life running out of control" 60min

A license is required for public screenings of this film. Please click here to buy one: License "Life running out of control"

If you require a license for public screening and lending, please contact us directly at

ISBN: 978-3-935573-14-6
© 2005 DENKmal-Film Verhaag GmbH

Life running out of control 95min


This article was published on 20 20 09, 2006 in our catalogue.

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